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"La Clave": Cinema release on 15 September 2022

A joy of life that is contagious! With "La Clave: The Secret of Cuban Music", a passionate documentary about the diverse musical soul of Cuba, will be released in cinemas on 15 September 2022! Experts and music legends like Bobby Carcassés have their say in this film, while live sessions à la "Buena Vista Social Club" immerse the audience in the lively music scene of the Caribbean island. Special: Children also set the tone here! Cuba's unique music schools are true sources of inspiration for all those who teach, learn and love music.


Film Content

The diversity of music in Cuba is unparalleled worldwide. On the Caribbean island, influences from Africa, Europe and America fuse together to create a uniquely colourful music scene that ranges from Latin jazz to salsa. The streets of Havana are also filled with sounds: hypnotic rhythms of clave and drums, of traditional songs and popular carnival hits pour out from all directions. Cuba lives music! The documentary "La Clave: The Secret of Cuban Music" brings together some of the island's most important musicians, such as jazz legend Bobby Carcassés or drummer Yissy García, and provides stirring insights into their skills. Together with music historian Dr. Olavo Alén, they present the richness of the Cuban musical landscape and look to the future. For in probably no other country does music education play such an important role as in Cuba. Music schools – an expensive privilege in this country – are not only numerous but also free of charge and inspire children from an early age to learn singing, rhythmic dancing and various instruments. 

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