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Weather Makers: Home Cinema Release

»A documentary as frightening as it is impressive!« 
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

From February 24, 2023, the documentary "Weather Makers" will be available on DVD and as VoD in the W-FILM online store and in regular stores. In it, award-winning cult director Stanislaw Mucha ("Kolyma") visits three bizarre meteorologists on the polar island "Chodowaricha", where they measure the weather without any electronics using the simplest of tools. How can they live and work in complete isolation? Tragicomically and in large images Mucha captures the idiosyncratic beauty of the Siberian tundra and its inhabitants.



Near the Siberian polar sea lies the weather station "Chodowaricha", where the three meteorologists Vladimir, Sasha and Alexander observe the weather. They live and work there in complete isolation: only once a year does a polar ship bring long-awaited supplies. At first, their daily coexistence seems peaceful, but the constant loneliness gradually takes its toll and causes tensions to grow between the meteorologists. Especially the taciturn Vladimir, about whose past more and more dark details come to light, brings unrest to the island. But blizzards and half-starved polar bears are also omnipresent dangers that confront the weather makers. Only the sporadic visits of a few nomads, Russian pop songs and, last but not least, the watchdog Jack save them from the always tangible madness.


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