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Lost Transport: Successful festival premiere at Film Festival Cologne!

On October 21, the German-Dutch drama "Lost Transport" celebrated its festival premiere at Film Festival Cologne! The three leading actresses of the film were guests in the subsequent film discussion: shooting star Hanna van Vliet, who was one of the New Talents at this year's Berlinale, Luxembourgian Eugénie Anselin, who learned Russian for the film, and Anna Bachmann, who comes from Düsseldorf. Director Saskia Diesing came all the way from the Netherlands to answer questions from moderator Sonja Hofmann alongside Cologne-based producers Christine Kiauk and Herbert Schwering (Coin Film). "Lost Transport" will be released in German cinemas in spring 2023.


Film Synopsis: Spring 1945: Shortly before the end of the war, a deportation train bound for Theresienstadt with over 2,000 Jewish concentration camp prisoners is stranded in the middle of a pasture. The train driver uncouples the engine and flees with the other German soldiers from the Red Army, which has already occupied the nearby German village of Tröbitz. The people on the train are left to fend for themselves and rely on help from the village. When there is also an outbreak of typhus, Tröbitz is quarantined by the Russian occupation to contain it - no one in, no one out. In this tense situation of deep mistrust, despair and desire for revenge, an unexpected friendship grows between the German girl Winnie (Anna Bachmann), the Dutch Jew Simone (Hanna van Vliet) and the Russian sniper Vera (Eugénie Anselin).


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