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Guardians of the Earth

Austria, Germany 2017 / Documentary / 86 minutes / Director: Filip Antoni Malinowski / Universal

Cinema for Schools


»For his documentary "Guardians of the Earth", director Filip Antoni Malinowski has created an unobtrusively staged, yet immensely exciting and multi-layered contemporary document in meticulously detailed work. ... All around a topic that is able to interest young people and can also stimulate lively discussion in the context of school lessons.« Ministry of Education, Austria

School lessons
9th grade upwards

Age recommendation
14 and above

Geography, Social Sciences, Politics, Religion, Ethics, Economics, Social Studies

Climate policy, justice, climate change, Earth, global politics, environment, environmental protection, lobbyism, ecology, economy, resources, energy, poverty, globalisation, nationalism, future, society, responsibility

Teaching material
Film tip VisionKino >>Download
Film booklet with accompanying educational film material in cooperation with MISEREOR >>School material
School material on climate protection and the world climate conferences >>MISEREOR
"Guardians of the Earth" ran in the programme of the SchulKinoWochen in autumn 2018, including the film programme 17 Ziele – EINE Zukunft on the objectives of sustainable development. 

School cinema event
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