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Lady with the arrows: Premiere in Cologne

On Tuesday, ‘The Vision of Claudia Andujar’ celebrated its German premiere in front of an enthusiastic audience at the packed Filmhaus cinema in Cologne. The highly acclaimed documentary film by Heidi Specogna tells the moving life story of activist, humanist and photographer Claudia Andujar and her fight to protect the Yanomami people.


Among the guests at the premiere, Stephan Winkler, Head of Distribution at W-FILM, welcomed producer Carl-Ludwig Rettinger (Lichtblick Film), film composer Raffael Seyfried and sound recordist Jule Cramer.

In the subsequent discussion with moderator Michelle Koch (DFI's acting director), Carl-Ludwig Rettinger, Raffael Seyfried and Jule Cramer described the challenges and restrictions of filming due to Covid-19 and the difficult conditions in the Amazon region.

In addition, the political situation during filming in 2022 under the Bolsonaro government and the fate of the indigenous population in Brazil were discussed in depth. The problems of the past extend into the present, and it is of crucial relevance that films like this one draw attention to the challenges and cultural significance of indigenous peoples.

The documentary ‘The Vision of Claudia Andujar’ opens in cinemas on 9 May.

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