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"Our Soil is Our Heritage" on tour in cinemas

The documentary film "Our Soil is Our Heritage" shows how important and at the same time extremely threatened our soil is, which is our livelihood. W-film will bring the committed plea for future-oriented agriculture and sustainable nutrition to cinemas across Germany on 8 October 2020, just in time for the harvest festival. Director Marc Uhlig, together with protagonists and experts, will take the audience on a cinema tour to personally explain to them why this precious resource deserves our greatest appreciation. Because we can all contribute to the preservation of soil fertility, whether as farmers, gardeners or supermarket consumers. The events will be held in compliance with the applicable corona hygiene regulations.

cinema tour dates

01.10., Berlin, Babylon, 19:30 (Berlin Premiere)
04.10., Karlsruhe, Schauburg, 15:00 (BW Premiere)
08.10., Hamburg, Abaton, 19:00
09.10., Köln, Odeon, 18:00
10.10., Stuttgart, Cinema, 19:00
11.10., Ulm, Obscura, 15:00
22.10., Wiesbaden, Caligari, 17:00

Tickets for the events are available at the cinemas!

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