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Sorry Comrade: Home Cinema Release

»Mischievous, playful, refreshingly different and very entertaining!« Deutschlandfunk Kultur

Vera Brückner's upbeat documentary "Sorry Comrade" is available on DVD from August 25 and as VoD in the W-FILM online store and in regular stores from August 31. In it, Karl-Heinz and Hedi revive their incredible romance during the Cold War - complete with daring escape across the German-German border, secret accomplices and amazingly helpful Stasi officials! Always immersed in a casual retro look, "Sorry Comrade" takes you on a charming and suspenseful journey back in time to the German past.



Letters from their youth transport Hedi and Karl-Heinz back to their past: The medical student from the GDR and the politically engaged student from the FRG fall in love during the Cold War. Separated by the Iron Curtain, they wish for nothing more than to finally be united - but that turns out to be difficult. After Karl-Heinz applies for citizenship in the GDR, which leads to entanglements with the Stasi authorities, the two are left with no other choice: Hedi must flee the GDR. For their adventurous escape, the couple and their  friends construct a 'master plan' for which they travel to Romania disguised as vacationers. But shortly after crossing the border, a series of unfortunate coincidences occur and the friends attract the attention of the authorities. Hedi's escape threatens to fail at any moment ...

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