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Valeria is getting married: Now in Cinemas

»Absolutely worth seeing!« AVIVA-Berlin

»Great!« Münchner Merkur

                             »Excellent!« Kunst+Film                           

The powerful sister drama "Valeria is getting married" is in theaters now! The concept of arranged marriage still means a way to escape precarious living conditions for some women today. This is also the case for Valeria. But when she meets her future husband for the first time, events come to a head. This atmospherically dense chamber play is small, great acting cinema that raises questions about the relationship between relationships and freedom.



Rain in Tel Aviv. A bad omen? Christina, however, is full of confidence as she awaits the arrival of her younger sister Valeria from Ukraine. She is coming to Israel to meet her fiancé Eytan for the first time. The marriage was arranged online, much like it once was for Christina herself, who has now found a better home and contentment with Michael. She now wishes the same for her sister! But when Valeria and Eytan finally meet face to face, the mood very soon tips into awkwardness as doubts arise in Valeria's mind. Suddenly Michael blames Christina for her sister's dismissive behavior - because the whole arrangement also serves his own interests. Her position as a wife is increasingly shaken ...

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