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W-film VoD-Starts im Frühling 2021

W-film presents three exciting VoD releases in the online shop for Spring 2021! In the warm-hearted documentary "Our Europe: Encounters in Five Countries", director Robert Krieg embarks on an intercultural research trip across our continent. Things get a bit more heated in director Xu Hongjie's documentary "On the Rim of the Sky", where two teachers struggle for cultural supremacy in the Chinese mountain village of Gulu. In his documentary "Sean Scully: Art Comes From Need", director Hans Andreas Guttner accompanies the Irish star artist Sean Scully in his inspiring creative process and takes the pulse of the joy of painting.


"Our Europe: Encounters in Five Countries"

People in the different regions of Europe have stories that connect and divide them, they have different identities and cultures. "Our Europe" shows the reality that is experienced every day in the countries. A reality that is shaped by Europe. Director Robert Krieg visits friends he has known for a long time. They are rooted in their regions, love their homeland and see themselves as Europeans. The film delves into their everyday lives and portrays their view of Europe.

"On the Rim of the Sky"

Tradition vs. modernity: In her adventurous documentary "On the Rim of the Sky", director Xu Hongjie tells the story of progress making its way into a Chinese mountain village isolated from the world. Her beautifully photographed directorial debut celebrated its world premiere at the Locarno Film Festival in the prestigious Semaine de la Critique and went on to thrill audiences at numerous other festivals.

"Sean Scully: Art Comes From Need"

Irish-born Sean Scully is one of the world's most important artists of our time. A traditionalist of modernism, he has created an unparalleled oeuvre of abstract painting over the past three decades. Scully paints and reflects – on his journey as an artist and on the creative process of painting. The intense portrait of an artist who has gone his way against all odds, true to the motto: Art comes from need.

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