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Online premiere of "The Naked King" with 1,000 viewers

Despite lockdown, "The Naked King – 18 Fragments on Revolution" successfully celebrated its cinema premiere on 10 February 2021 as a free online event. The exciting film essay about the renewing power of revolutions strikes a chord in the current Corona crisis. This was demonstrated by the participation of more than 1,000 viewers, who were also able to take part in the subsequent live discussion with director Andreas Hoessli and historian Prof. Frank Bösch from the Leibniz Centre for Contemporary History Research via chat function. The moderator was Barbara Lux from the Altes Kino Ebersberg, which realised the event together with the film distributor W-film from Cologne.

01_wfilm_dernacktekoenig_premi Successful online premiere of "The Naked King – 18 Fragments on Revolution" with director Andreas Hoessli, historian Prof. Frank Bösch and around 1,000 viewers in the live stream!

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Free online premiere of "The Naked King"

On 10 February 2021, "The Naked King – 18 Fragments on Revolution" will celebrate its online premiere. Special feature: the live stream from 8:15 pm via the film website koenig.wfilm.de is free for all viewers! In the midst of the global Corona crisis, W-film invites you to reflect on the renewing power of revolutionary upheaval with this exciting film essay! Special guests in the subsequent live film discussion are director Andreas Hoessli and historian Prof. Frank Bösch from the renowned Leibniz Centre for Contemporary History Research. An event in cooperation with Altes Kino Ebersberg, Leibniz Centre Potsdam, Friedensbildungswerk Cologne and Haus des Dokumentarfilms Stuttgart. You can support the project by clicking on the donation button during the screening.


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"The Naked King" on titel thesen temperamente

Wow, ARD titel thesen temperamente reports on "The Naked King – 18 Fragments on Revolution". The broadcast date is Sunday, 24 January 2021, at 23:05. From the teaser for the programme: "A never-ending pandemic, turbulence in the American presidential election – it feels like we are on the brink of a radical global upheaval, perhaps even a revolution. At least one film distributor (W-film) doesn't want to be held back by the ongoing cinema shutdown and is releasing – now digitally – a film that deals with just that: revolution." From 11 February 2021 exclusively in the W-film online cinema at www.wfilm.de/en/the-naked-king/film-dvd-bluray-vod. Good cause: Closed cinemas that co-promote the online release will share in the revenue!


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Jim Rakete with climate documentary "NOW" on ZDF Mittagsmagazin

"NOW" director Jim Rakete is live on ZDF Mittagsmagazin today, 22 January 2021, at 13:00! If you want to know more about him and his dedicated climate protection documentary, feel free to tune in. The programme will be broadcast today only on the ARD channel due to winter sports coverage. By the way, due to the Corona-related cinema closures, W-film has postponed the theatrical release of "NOW" to 11 March 2021. Fingers crossed that the cinemas will be able to reopen by then!

wfilm_now_zdfmittagsmagazin.jp Jim Rakete with climate documentary "NOW" in the ZDF Mittagsmagazin on 22 January 2021 at 1 pm. Theatrical release of "NOW" expected on 11 March 2021. Photo © Katrin Kutter

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"The Naked King" launches in the W-film Online Cinema

People around the world are protesting for democratic freedom and human rights. But how does a protest actually become a revolution? In his film essay "The Naked King – 18 Fragments on Revolution", Andreas Hoessli asks this very question. Due to lockdown, the main prize winner from DOK.fest München will be released exclusively in the W-film Online Cinema at https://www.wfilm.de/en/the-naked-king/film-dvd-bluray-vod on 11 February. Just in time for the 42nd anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Iran! For good cause: Locked cinemas that co-promote the online release will share in the proceeds. As soon as the lockdown ends, the film will also be shown in cinemas.



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