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Energy Transition Dialogue 2021 with Jim Rakete & "NOW"

The energy transition must move forward! That's why the German government's 7th Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue (BETD) starts tomorrow, 16 March 2021. One of the guests will be cult photographer Jim Rakete with his committed climate documentary "NOW". The talk starts at 19:30. Be there! Click here for the livestream: https://2021.energydialogue.berlin/. The documentary film "NOW" about the young generation of climate rebels and their visions for a future worth living will be released in cinemas nationwide on 10 June 2021. Learn more about the project below.

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Birthday Special Benjamin Ferencz: DVD for 8 euros

We congratulate Benjamin Ferencz on his 101st birthday! "It was cold-blooded mass murder and I can prove it!" With these words, Benjamin Ferencz became the chief prosecutor in the Nuremberg Einsatzgruppen trial against the SS murder gangs in 1947. A small man who to this day travels the world on a big mission. As a birthday special, the DVD about the living legend "Law Not War" is available for one month from today for only €8 in our shop!




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New cinema release for "NOW" on 10 June 2021

You might have guessed it already: there is a new theatrical release date for "NOW" on 10 June 2021. Let's all hope that the cinemas will have long since reopened by then. In any case, the engaging climate documentary sends the right signal for the longed-for green turnaround. Fittingly, it is also scheduled to premiere on World Environment Day on 5 June 2021. We will keep you informed!

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"The Fever" for World Malaria Day Online & in the Cinema

Covid-19 shut down the world, but we must not forget other infectious diseases! Malaria has killed more people south of the Sahara than all the diseases and wars on earth put together: One dead child per minute. But what if a medicinal plant could help against it? On 25 April, World Malaria Day, the documentary "The Fever: The Fight Against Malaria" will be launched as a stream in the W-film Online Cinema via the film website http://fever.wfilm.de. For a good cause: Closed cinemas that co-promote the online launch will be supported with a share of the revenue! As soon as the lockdown ends, the film will of course be shown in cinemas nationwide. Be there for the nationwide launch!

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International Women's Day: "Where to, Miss?" as DVD & Stream on offer

To all women: Happy International Women's Day! Let yourself be pampered or pamper yourself! We have a nice film recommendation about a young Indian woman who courageously fights for her rights in a male-dominated society. "Where to, Miss?" was awarded the German Human Rights Film Prize and is on sale for one month from today as a DVD and stream in our shop!


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