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"The Art of Silence": Cinema release on 5 May 2022

"The Art of Silence" opens in cinemas nationwide on 5 May. With his facial expressions and only a few gestures, he expressed more hope, joy or pain than many a Greek drama. A grand master of pantomime, Marcel Marceau portrayed the awkwardness of human beings and conveyed the unspeakable through "cries of silence". In his documentary, director Maurizius Staerkle Drux traces the legacy of this artist of the century, interweaving exclusive archive footage with a personal, contemporary view. 

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"Vatersland" now in the cinema!

"Vatersland" is now showing in cinemas nationwide! 

Sharp-eyed, feminist and at the same time immensely entertaining and humorous. After her award-winning documentary "In Search of Memory" about Nobel Prize winner Eric Kandel, Petra Seeger processes her own past as a girl growing up in a male-dominated post-war society in her first feature film. Unusual: The family photos and 16mm film footage used in the film come from the director's private archive.


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"Vatersland": Successful German premiere with film team in Cologne

On 2 March 2022, the major feature drama "Vatersland" celebrated its German premiere at the Filmforum of the Museum Ludwig in Cologne! "Vatersland" is unique memoir cinema about the trauma of an entire generation: In the film, director Petra Seeger processes her own youth in a post-war society dominated by men. Sharp-eyed, feminist and at the same time immensely entertaining and humorous.


From the left: German premiere of "Vatersland" with FeliziaTrube, Matti Schmidt-Schaller, Stella Holzapfel, Margarita Broich, Petra Seeger, Petra Müller, Herbert Schwering, Hajo Schomerus, Stephan Winkler, Christine Kiauk. © W-film / Guido Schiefer

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"Vatersland": German premiere on 2 March at Filmforum Köln

On 2 March 2022, "Vatersland" will celebrate its German premiere at the Filmforum in the Museum Ludwig in Cologne! Present at the subsequent film discussion are director Petra Seeger and producers Christine Kiauk and Herbert Schwering from Coin Film as well as the actors Margarita Broich, Felizia Trube, Stella Holzapfel and Matti Schmidt-Schaller.


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"The Sunlit Night": Home cinema release on 22 April 2022

From 22 April 2022, "The Sunlit Night" by "Wetlands" director David Wnendt will be available as VOD and on DVD in the W-film online shop and in regular stores. International stars gather in front of the camera: Jenny Slate ("Venom") as an artist alongside Alex Sharp ("To the Bone"), Zach Galifianakis ("Hangover") and Golden Globe winner Gillian Anderson ("The Crown") searches for her personal meaning in life in the Norwegian Lofoten Islands – and finds love. The light-footed, playful film adaptation of Rebecca Dinerstein Knight's novel of the same name started in cinemas nationwide on 23 September 2021.


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