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Film tip for the Pride Month 2023

»A very intimate movie with an urgent message: Protect trans kids!« Missy Magazine

Happy Pride Month 2023! Appropriately, W-FILM recommends the inspiring documentary "My Name is Violeta", which shows the challenging journey of an 11-year-old trans* girl towards self-determination and against discrimination!



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RUNNING AGAINST THE WIND: In cinemas July 20th

"Running against the Wind" is a passionate love letter to Ethiopia that starts in the cinemas on July 20! In his cinema debut, director Jan Philipp Weyl tells the inspiring story of two friends who fight for the realization of their dreams - equipped with an unconditional will to survive and against all odds! Filmed on original locations and with a guest appearance by Olympic legend Haile Gebrselassie. "Running against the Wind" was awarded the debut prize by the Peace Prize of German Film - Die Brücke - and was Ethiopia's Oscar entry 2020 in the category "Best International Film".


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Valeria is getting married: Now in Cinemas

»Absolutely worth seeing!« AVIVA-Berlin

»Great!« Münchner Merkur

                             »Excellent!« Kunst+Film                           

The powerful sister drama "Valeria is getting married" is in theaters now! The concept of arranged marriage still means a way to escape precarious living conditions for some women today. This is also the case for Valeria. But when she meets her future husband for the first time, events come to a head. This atmospherically dense chamber play is small, great acting cinema that raises questions about the relationship between relationships and freedom.


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Sorry Comrade: Home Cinema Release

»Mischievous, playful, refreshingly different and very entertaining!« Deutschlandfunk Kultur

Vera Brückner's upbeat documentary "Sorry Comrade" is available on DVD from August 25 and as VoD in the W-FILM online store and in regular stores from August 31. In it, Karl-Heinz and Hedi revive their incredible romance during the Cold War - complete with daring escape across the German-German border, secret accomplices and amazingly helpful Stasi officials! Always immersed in a casual retro look, "Sorry Comrade" takes you on a charming and suspenseful journey back in time to the German past.


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„Valeria is getting married“: Premiere in Düsseldorf

On May 17, the powerful sister drama "Valeria is getting married" premiered at the Bambi Filmstudio Düsseldorf with director Michal Vinik, who traveled from Tel Aviv for the cinema tour. Two more dates with Q&A afterwards took place on May 18 at ACUDkino in Berlin and on May 19 at Theatiner Film in Munich. After the screenings, the visibly moved audience engaged in intensive discussions about the concept of arranged marriage, relationship hierarchies and the process of making the film.

wfilm_valeria is getting marri

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