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"An Uncertain Border": Now on DVD & VOD

"An Uncertain Border" is now available on DVD and as VOD in the W-film Shop as well as in regular stores. The film was released on 25 May during the lockdown in the W-film online cinema with solidarity revenue sharing from the closed cinemas. Director Isabella Sandri tells the gripping story of a child abduction as a genre mix between psychological thriller and outsider ballad, whose motifs are reminiscent of Kubrick's "Lolita" and Fellini's "La Strada"! Highly topical, because child abuse in cyberspace and grooming are unfortunately still a sad reality! Great cast with Cannes award winner Cosmina Stratan ("Beyond the Hills"), young actress Anna Malfatti in her first cinema role and Moisé Curia.


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"Notre Dame" German premiere on 1 December at Cinema Paris

On 1 December 2021, the fabulous comedy "Notre Dame" will celebrate its German premiere as part of the French Film Week at Cinema Paris in Berlin. In the film, director Valérie Donzelli ("Declaration of War") also slips into the leading role of a single mother and Parisian architect between career, family and great love! She mixes the romantic turbulence with unrealistic outliers à la "Amélie" and charming wit.



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Successful German premiere of "Windstill" with cast in Munich

On 9 November, the touching sister drama "Windstill" celebrated its successful German premiere at the Rio Filmpalast in Munich. In addition to director Nancy Camaldo, the main actors Giulia Goldammer, Thomas Schubert and Anselm Bresgott were also there to present their film.


Image, from left: German premiere of "Windstill" with Thomas Schubert (actor), Nancy Camaldo (director), Giulia Goldammer (actress), Anselm Bresgott (actor) © W-film / Bernhard Schmidt

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Successful cinema premiere of "Youth Outcry"

With "Youth Outcry", Berlin director Kathrin Pitterling is bringing a breath of fresh air to the climate discourse, just in time for the climate conference. On 28 October 2021, she presented the award-winning ARD production as a director's cut exclusively at Kino International. In her documentary, she lets us get up close to the young activists and accompanies them in their fight for our environment. For a subsequent film discussion with film critic Rüdiger Suchsland, Luisa Neubauer and the protagonists were broadcast live from London.



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"Youth Outcry" in the cinema

In 2020, Corona shook world affairs. The climate crisis? Repressed from the public discourse! But the young activists of Fridays for Future are not backing down. Director Kathrin Pitterling has captured their most daring and vulnerable moments in her documentary film "Youth Outcry" and tells of the dreams, fears, successes and setbacks of a committed generation. Now, just in time for the Climate Change Conference (COP 26), the award-winning ARD production (including "Top of the Docs") is bringing a breath of fresh air to the climate discourse. On 28 October 2021, "Youth Outcry" will be released exclusively in cinemas as a director's cut distributed by W-film.


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