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Hunter from Elsewhere: Premiere in München & Kinotour

Enthusiastic applause in the sold-out Theatiner: On February 29, the poetic documentary "Hunter from Elsewhere - A Journey with Helen Britton" celebrated its premiere in the presence of the director and protagonist at the Theatiner in Munich, parallel to the start of the International Craft Fair (IHM). Elena Alvarez Lutz will then go on a cinema tour in Berlin and Hamburg! You can find a detailed list below.


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More than Strangers: Sylvie Michel honoured with the SI STAR Award

The SI STAR Film Award honours outstanding female directors and sets an example for more equality in the film industry.

Si_Star_Preisverleihung_More t

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Running against the Wind: On DVD & VOD since 23 February

The rousing drama "Running against the Wind" has been available on DVD since 23 February and as VoD in the W-FILM online shop and in regular stores from 29 February!

"Running against the Wind" is a rousing declaration of love to Ethiopia. In his cinema debut, director Jan Philipp Weyl tells the inspiring story of two friends who fight to realise their dreams. Filmed at original locations and with a guest appearance by long-distance legend Haile Gebrselassie. The work was honoured with the Debut Award of the Peace Prize of German Film - Die Brücke - and entered the 2020 Oscar race as the Ethiopian entry in the "Best International Film" category.


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Claudia Andujar - Exhibition opening until 11 August

Die Deichtorhallen in Hamburg zeigen ab dem 9. Februar die Ausstellung THE END OF THE WORLD mit Fotografien der brasilianischen Fotografin und Aktivistin Claudia Andujar. Andujar ist eine der wichtigsten Vertreterinnen der Fotografie in Südamerika und engagiert sich seit den 1970er Jahren für den Schutz und Erhalt der Yanomami, dem größten indigenen Volk Brasiliens.
CLAUDIA ANDUJAR - THE END OF THE WORLD wurde am 8. Februar im PHOXXI eröffnet und ist bis zum 11. August 2024 zu sehen.
Claudia Andujar
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Hunters from Elsewhere: Cinema release, Premiere & Trailer

HUNTER FROM ELSEWHERE - In cinemas from 7 March!

Parallel to the International Craft Fair, "Hunter from Elsewhere - A Journey with Helen Britton" will celebrate its premiere at the Theatiner in Munich on 29 February in the presence of director Elena Alvarez Lutz and protagonist Helen Britton.

Helen Britton
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