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Sorry Comrade: Now in cinemas!

»A wonderful film!«
Abendzeitung Munich

»Loving, playful and with a lot of humor!«
Süddeutsche Zeitung
»Funny and warm-hearted!«


Starting today, February 9, the colorful documentary "Sorry Comrade" opens in theaters nationwide. The (almost) unbelievable love and escape story of Hedi and Karl-Heinz at the time of the Cold War has so far enraptured premiere audiences in Munich and Cologne as well as the press. Currently, director Vera Brückner and the two protagonists are on a big East-West cinema tour!

We are looking forward to seeing "Sorry Comrade" in the cinema and wish you a lot of fun!


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Sorry Comrade: NRW-Premiere in Cologne

On February 6, "Sorry Comrade" celebrated its NRW premiere at Filmhaus Cologne: special guest was director Vera Brückner. The colorful documentary about the (almost) unbelievable love and escape story of Hedi and Karl-Heinz during the Cold War enraptured the audience. In the subsequent film discussion with distributor Stephan Winkler, Vera Brückner described her unusual approach to the film material and shared amusing anecdotes about her collaboration with the protagonists.

"Sorry Comrade" will be released in cinemas nationwide on February 9.


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Sorry Comrade: Upbeat Premiere in Munich

"A fresh look at the German past: affectionate, playful and with a lot of humor!"
Süddeutsche Zeitung

On February 1, the premiere of "Sorry Comrade" in the presence of the film team ensured a sold-out audience and an upbeat mood at the Rio Filmpalast in Munich! The colorful documentary about the incredible romance of Karl-Heinz and Hedi during the Cold War and their daring escape from the GDR thrilled the audience. Director Vera Brückner and producer Fabian Halbig raved about the great collaboration with the two protagonists* in the subsequent film discussion, who stood by smiling. "Actually, we only wanted to support Vera. Then we accepted that we would expose ourselves a bit more. But there was never any talk of a screen!" Karl-Heinz confessed with a laugh when asked by moderator Christina Wolf how it had come about. "But now we don't care," he added with a wink.

"Sorry Comrade" opens in cinemas nationwide on February 9.


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SORRY COMRADE: Premiere & East-West-Cinema-Tour

A daring escape story that could almost come from a Wes Anderson film - but is true through and through: "Sorry Comrade" takes viewers on a charming and suspenseful journey through time into the German past. On February 1, the colorful documentary will celebrate its German premiere at the Rio Filmpalast in Munich! Special guests of the evening are director Vera Brückner, producer Fabian Halbig (Nordpolaris) and the two protagonists Hedi and Karl-Heinz.


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La Clave: Home Cinema Release

»A project of the heart! A tribute to Cuba's diverse, complex music scene.«
Süddeutsche Zeitung


The documentary film "La Clave - The Secret of Cuban Music", bursting with joie de vivre, is available on DVD from March 24 and as VoD from March 30 in the W-FILM online store and in regular stores. Director Kurt Hartel traces the musical soul of a country where African and European roots unite. Light-hearted jam sessions à la "Buena Vista Social Club", jazz legend Bobby Carcassés, drummer Yissy García or musicians of the band "Irakere" let us dive into the myth-rich history of Cuba's music and dance scene. An inspiring look at the diversity of the Caribbean island, where even children learn the traditional dances and instruments in unique music schools.


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